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Feeling down or overwhelmed?
Find your resilience with BEACON digital therapy.

For Green Shield Canada (GSC) plan members

BEACON digital therapy may be eligible for GSC plan members and dependents (age 16 and over) within existing mental health/counselling services coverage. Your benefits plan may cover the BEACON program in whole or in part – subject to your plan provisions.

Do you have a GSC benefits plan through your college or university? Visit GSC student plans page


BEACON Therapy Helps

BEACON is customized digital therapy. It's guided by a registered mental health professional, and is there for you anytime, anywhere you want it. 

BEACON provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy through your digital device (iCBT). It’s a clinically-proven method that helps improve mood and anxiety. BEACON has been used by Canadians from coast to coast – see what they think in this video.

Curious about how BEACON and CBT can help grow your resilience? Learn more about CBT ›


BEACON Works on Your Time

Guided by a registered mental health professional, there's no need to worry about keeping face-to-face therapy appointments. With BEACON, everything is on your terms in a way that protects your data and privacy.

Take a little time every day for BEACON – with a commitment to therapy and improving your life, your resiliency will grow.

Ready to explore BEACON in-depth? Click here for answers to commonly asked questions ›


BEACON provides therapy for mild to moderate symptoms of:

A course of BEACON therapy includes: 


Personal Assessment
Your results reviewed by a therapist (to confirm BEACON suitability and tailor your care path).


Personalized Course of CBT
Includes readings and activities selected by your therapist (completed by most people in 6-10 weeks).


A Dedicated Therapist Up to 12 Weeks
Receive suggestions, clarification, or new skills for you to practice as you complete therapy.


Continued Access
Access your BEACON history and resources for 12 months.

Insight+ for additional cost includes: your personal assessment results reviewed by clinical psychologist and discussed with you in a one-on-one phone call; a psychological diagnosis report you can share with your healthcare provider*

*This option is not available in Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

GSC plan members enjoy preferred pricing with BEACON. Discover which payment plan is right for you.
(see regular pricing)

My Resolution Plan


  • $500: One convenient payment
  • Pre-authorized on your credit card when you submit your assessment for review
  • Credit card charge only occurs when BEACON suitability is confirmed

Including Insight+ option

  • $800: One convenient payment 
  • Includes clinical psychologist review of your assessment results, one-on-one phone call, and psychological diagnosis report
  • Pre-authorized on your credit card when you submit your assessment for review
  • If you do not proceed with BEACON digital therapy following the psychologist phone consultation, you will be charged only for the cost of the psychological review + diagnosis ($350).


My Momentum Plan


  • $50* for therapist review of your assessment results 
  • $150 unlocks your first 2 weeks of access to therapy
  • $150 when you start the next 2 weeks
  • $150 final payment when you start the remainder of therapy (to a maximum of 12 weeks); also includes 12 months access (from therapy start date) to your BEACON history and resources

Total: $500

Including Insight+ option

  • $225** for clinical psychologist review of your assessment results and one-on-one phone call
  • $125**  for psychological diagnosis report
  • $150 unlocks your first 2 weeks of access to therapy 
  • $150 when you start the next 2 weeks 
  • $150 final payment when you start the remainder of therapy (to a maximum of 12 weeks); also includes 12 months access (from therapy start date) to your BEACON history and resources

Total: $800



*This cost is non-refundable. If it is deemed by a therapist that BEACON is not suitable for your needs, the cost may still be eligible under your benefits plan.

**By agreeing to the psychologist call, you also agree to the cost of the report. Additionally, if the clinical psychologist determines that BEACON is not suitable for your needs, the cost of the call and report are non-refundable.  Both costs may still be eligible under your benefits plan.


Using Your Benefits Plan

Following your assessment, you will be prompted to indicate your benefits plan provider; select 'Green Shield Canada' to access preferred pricing. You will then be prompted to select your payment plan. BEACON will submit a claim directly to GSC on your behalf within 2 business days of your credit card being charged, and any eligible reimbursement will be issued by GSC subject to your plan provisions.

If you are uncertain of the limitations of your specific plan, we recommend that you verify your coverage before paying out-of-pocket. For eligibility inquiries, contact GSC at 1.888.711.1119 (Mon to Fri 8:30am - 8:30pm ET).

Questions? Contact us

Find your resilience.
Complete a personal assessment (usually takes 20-30 minutes), so your BEACON therapist can tailor your care.

Start My Assessment

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Mental Health Conditions We Help

People with insomnia have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, and their poor sleep quality leads to chronically not feeling rested. 

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Feeling anxious – about people, situations, or just a general background soundtrack of worry – can have a profound impact on how you react to your everyday life.  While there is more than one type of anxiety, here are some of the feelings that people experience when they have an anxiety problem.

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Depression is more than being sad or feeling down. Someone who experiences persistently strong negative feelings that interfere with their day-to-day life and impact how they deal with people around them and their responsibilities, may have depression.

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Panic disorder is characterized by the repeated experience of sudden and very intense feelings of fear, often experienced as terror and a feeling of being trapped and needing to escape. Panic attacks often seem to strike without warning or “out of the blue.”

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a trauma- and stress-related disorder that can develop after a person witnesses or experiences an extremely traumatic, tragic or terrifying event that involves death, serious injury, sexual violence, assault, accident, or disaster. PTSD is always related to an external event.

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Helpful Resources


Watch a short video on what to expect with BEACON (2 mins)

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