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Podcast | An insider's take on mental health treatment in Canada

Posted by the BEACON team on 4-Dec-2017 4:30:00 PM

In this podcast produced by Green Shield Canada, BEACON Clinical Director Dr. Peter Farvolden is interviewed by David Willow (GSC's chief innovation & marketing officer) on how people should evaluate mental health treatment providers, and how thoughtfully designed digital delivery of CBT treatment can overcome many of the issues that limit accessibility to evidence-based treatment.

IMG_0854.jpgDr. Farvolden's segment starts at 5:56 min. Peter Gove (GSC’s health innovation leader) also shares compelling insights on mindfulness and the science behind it (@ 23:05 min). The GSC podcast series highlights the hottest topics and trends in the Canadian health benefits industry.

Listen to the podcast >

Topics: Dr. Peter Farvolden, Mental health care in Canada, Digital therapy explained, TAiCBT explained, Green Shield Canada, Partnerships, Benefits