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Leadership Team

We’re a purpose-driven team with an ambitious vision.

Sam Duboc
Chair & CEO

Back in 2015, my wife Claire Duboc joined Dr. Peter Farvolden and Dr. Eilenna Denisoff to grow their practice and help CBT Associates meet the increasing demand for mental health care and improve patient access across Ontario and Canada. But it quickly became evident that there were still considerable gaps in the current system of delivering mental healthcare, and we needed to create a solution.  

In 2016, we fundamentally changed our business model by creating MindBeacon as an innovative tech solution that provides evidence-based, accessible mental health care to all Canadians – no matter where they live.  

As a MindBeacon leader, it’s my mission to make mental health care available, affordable and accessible to Canadians. By eliminating barriers around mental health, we want to change and improve the lives and minds of people.  

Adam Kelly
Chief Commercial Officer

I believe that business success and better mental health are not mutually exclusive. As is the case with most of us at MindBeacon, I have firsthand personal experience struggling with getting help for those that need it - and I had the advantage of having worked in the health and wellness space for 20 years. Through my professional work experience, Ive seen the challenges that organizations continue to confront in getting help for their people. I joined MindBeacon because I want to make a difference. I want to help be a part of the solution to make access to affordable care a reality for all Canadians. I wanted to join an organization that wants to make a difference and is relentless in its pursuit. And what I thought then and know now is that MindBeacon is that type of organization.  

Change for the better. I want to see more people get help. I want to make a difference in their lives. I want all Canadians to know how to get the help they need, when they need it – on their terms. As Chief Commercial Officer, I am accountable for the growth and long-term success of our business. But I believe that the path to  success is dependent on delivering high value to the people we help, to the organizations we work with, and to the employees that I work with. I am passionately committed to business success that is rooted in helping improve the lives of the people and organizations we serve.

Jonathan James
Chief Product Officer

A couple years ago, my wife and I both had transformative experiences with caring mental health professionals. For the first time, we realized how important it is to take care of your mental health and, from that point, we knew we wanted to help people do that. For my wife, that meant becoming a therapist. For me, it meant thinking about how technology could help to make therapy accessible to as many people as possible. I joined MindBeacon because they were doing exactly that, and I wanted to help.  

I hope to help as many people as possible to access high quality mental healthcare. Technology is an amazing lever to that goal. It’s a great multiplier. We’re always thinking about how to use it to make care more accessible, more affordable, more effective and better in many ways. Thinking about that drives iterative, incremental improvement and progress towards the ultimate goal of helping as many people as possible.   

Lori Ann Blessing, Ph.D, C. Psych
Chief Clinical Officer

I joined MindBeacon with the hope of revolutionizing mental health care, and making services affordable, accessible and effective within this new digital space. I started at MindBeacon in 2018 as a full-time clinician, but my remit now includes disability management assessments, clinical consultation to the therapy team and oversight of operations. 

I want to bring a strong clinical voice to the operations of MindBeacon, and continue to improve and expand our services - with an eye towards the client and clinician experience. I want our clients to find value in their treatment and experience real world, positive change from their interactions with our MindBeacon content and clinicians.

Khush Amaria, PhD, C.Psych
Senior Clinical Director

I joined CBT Associates in 2009 to be part of the clinical team, working to provide solid evidence-based therapy to children, adolescents, parents and adults. Coupled with my experiences in leadership in a hospital setting, it was natural progression to join MindBeacon full-time as Senior Clinical Director in 2018. I was excited to lead a great team of psychologists and other clinicians in our mission to provided excellent cognitive behaviour therapy to our clients across the Greater Toronto Area.  

I’ve always had a passion for making psychological knowledge and great mental health available for all. Sometimes, this is achieved from providing education to group of employees and other times its running a clinical training program that makes therapy more accessible than it traditionally has been. At MindBeacon, I plan to continue to ensure great quality and evidence-based treatment is available to all Canadians (of all ages!) in a way that works best for them. 

Dr. Peter Farvolden, PhD, CPsych
Chief Science Officer

I spent the first part of my career in academic teaching hospital settings, in a number of clinical research and administrative roles. At the same time, Dr. Eilenna Denisoff and I established a large private practice in the Greater Toronto Area. My career has been about making rigorous evidence-based assessment, treatment and stepped care for mental health problems more accessible to all.  

I have been developing, implementing and conducting research on internet-based assessment and CBT since 2001. CBT is effective treatment. However, depression, anxiety and other common mental health problems are often serious, impairing, chronic and relapsing conditions. I believe that we can use technology to provide more effective treatment, relapse prevention and maintenance therapy by putting patients at the centre of their care and using AI to inform clinical decision making and develop treatments that are even more engaging and effective.  

John Plunkett
Chief Financial Officer

Prior to joining MindBeacon, I had the opportunity to complete a course of therapy with our CBTA clinic business. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy provided me with a powerful set of skills that I continue to use regularly several years later, and which have had a very positive impact on my life. Mental health is a growing issue in Canada, and I am excited to work for a business that is expanding access to high-quality care.

Our focus is on delivering high-quality care, evidence based outcomes, and creating an experience that our clients will enjoy. My priority is ensuring that the right investments in clinical and product capabilities are made and will continue to drive positive outcomes for our clients, and expand our continuum of mental health care. I am focused on ensuring that MindBeacon solidifies its position as the preeminent leader in mental health care.