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Short-term counselling support to improve your well-being.

Prefer texting over talking? Don’t want to wait for an appointment to get something off your mind? Messaging is a counselling service for those looking for support for day-to-day concerns and well-being - without the need to schedule an appointment. Reach out to your therapist at any time and they’ll respond to you within one business day.

Messaging is not intended for more complex issues such as OCD concerns, serious thoughts of harming yourself, or recent hospitalizations for mental health concerns. For more complex issues please consider our Live Sessions.

Please note: Messaging is currently available in Quebec and B.C. only. We will be expanding to additional regions in the near future.

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What can I discuss with my MindBeacon therapist though Messaging?

This is your space to work through whatever’s on your mind. Frustrated after a long day at work? Struggling with on-going relationship issues?

Our licensed therapists are experts in a wide range of practice areas. We’ll help you match with a therapist who understands what you’re going through and knows how to help.

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How Messaging Works

Tell us about yourself

Fill out a brief intake form to help your therapist learn more about you.

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Get matched with your therapist

Based on your needs, you’ll be matched with a therapist suited to your needs.

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Start messaging

Your therapist will message you to introduce themselves and from there you can connect with them about what’s on your mind.

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Benefits Coverage?

Benefits Coverage?

Covered by most Canadian benefits plans. See how easy reimbursement is.


$199 / one month session Free for a limited time
Suggested Duration

Suggested Duration

1 month


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Benefits of MindBeacon

  • One-stop private space to access a wide range of mental health supports
  • Access therapy wherever you’re most comfortable
  • Flexible pricing to meet your needs and benefits coverage
  • Receive affordable, high quality care
  • Access to 24/7 Crisis Text Line
  • Unlimited account history access including therapist messages, content and more

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  • Monthly Mental Wellness newsletter
  • Invites to monthly Ask at Therapist live online events
  • Access to our virtual therapy clinic
  • Joining MindBeacon will always be free

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What can I expect from Messaging?

More questions? Visit our full FAQ section.