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Feeling overwhelmed or down?
Find your resilience with BEACON digital therapy.

For SSQ Insurance plan members

SSQ Insurance is proud to offer preferred pricing for plan members and dependents (age 16 and over) for BEACON digital therapy. Your group benefits plan may cover the BEACON program depending on your contract.

Start Making Positive Changes

Guided digital therapy with BEACON is personalized, and you receive support from a registered therapist that's always one-to-one. It's therapy that's completely digital, so it's available when you are and you never need to worry about keeping appointments. Everything happens on your terms privately and securely.

BEACON provides Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a clinically-proven method that's all about building stronger resiliency through learning new skills to manage your thoughts and feelings.

Want to see how it works? Watch this 2-minute video.



Proven To Make A Difference

BEACON has been demonstrated with thousands of Canadians to be just as effective as face-to-face therapy and medication – for symptoms ranging from minimal to severe.

4 in 5 who complete therapy with BEACON experience improvement in their symptoms. And 9 in 10 agree using BEACON helped them learn new skills to help reduce their mental health symptoms.

BEACON helps with challenges related to:

A course of BEACON therapy includes: 


Personal Assessment
Your results reviewed by a therapist (to confirm BEACON suitability and tailor your care path).


Personalized Course of CBT
Includes readings and activities selected by your therapist (completed by most people in 6-10 weeks).


A Dedicated Therapist Up to 12 Weeks
Receive suggestions, clarification, or new skills for you to practice as you complete therapy.


Continued Access
Access your BEACON history and resources for 12 months.

SSQ Insurance plan members enjoy preferred pricing on My Momentum Plan. 
(see regular pricing)


  • $50* for therapist review of your assessment results 
  • $150 unlocks your first 2 weeks of access to therapy
  • $150 when you start the next 2 weeks
  • $150 final payment when you start the remainder of therapy (to a maximum of 12 weeks); also includes 12 months access (from therapy start date) to your BEACON history and resources

Total: $500

Using Your Benefits Plan

Following your assessment, you will be prompted for payment. Following payment you may submit your claim to SSQ Insurance for reimbursement for you and your eligible dependents (aged 16+). There are two options available to submit your claim :

  1. Use SSQ Insurance’s ACCESS | Plan Members website at www.ssq.ca/access
  2. Use the SSQ Insurance app


Are you covered?**

You can quickly simulate a claim to know the exact amount that you will be getting back using SSQ Insurance’s secure website.

The cost for therapist review of your assessment results is non-refundable. If it is deemed by a therapist that BEACON is not suitable for your needs based on your assessment results, the cost may still be claimed under your group benefits plan.
**Availability of certain functions may vary by contract.

Find your resilience.
Complete a personal assessment (usually takes 20-30 minutes), so your BEACON therapist can tailor your care.

Start My Assessment

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