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Lumino Health | How to overcome negative thinking

Posted by the BEACON team on Oct 21, 2019 4:00:29 PM

Originally published by Lumino Health, on October 7, 2019 by Anna Sharratt

Negative thinking can have a big effect on your daily life. But you can rewire your brain to see the world in a positive light.


Changing your view of the world from negative to positive is possible.

Maybe you recently received a call from your child’s school because they caused a scuffle with another classmate. Many parents in this situation would discipline their child and discuss how to prevent future incidents of this type. And move on.

But if negative thinking starts to creep in, you might have a different take. You might see this as a sign that your child will be a bully with discipline issues. You may overreact, get emotional and worry for weeks about your child’s behaviour.

We all see the world as a glass half empty rather than half full sometimes. It’s OK to have a less-than-positive take on things from time to time. But chronic negative thinking – viewing all aspects of your life negatively – can spiral into a more serious condition. “It can disrupt day-to-day functioning,” according to Dr. Khush Amaria, a clinical psychologist at MindBeacon Group, which created BEACON digital therapy.

Thankfully, you can change the way you see the world. Through a variety of techniques, you can retrain your brain – and begin to see the world more positively. “It doesn’t mean you’re stuck in it forever,” Amaria says.

Here are common types of negative thinking she says to watch out for. Read the full article >

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