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Your Healthy Mind

Stressful times headed your way? Here's your mental health prep list.

Posted by Priya Sholanki, MSW, RSW on Dec 10, 2018 5:41:36 PM

Cashiers in a busy retail environment.

Tax time for accountants. Crunch time for developers. Inventory time for retail workers. Customer service during a recall. Every job has stressful periods we can anticipate in advance, where the workload feels immense and the pace is intense.

When a stressful time is looming in the not-so-distant future, it’s time to plan ahead, for the sake of your future well-being. Here are some tips on how to prep your mental resiliency ahead of stressful times at work. Future-you will thank you.

  1. This will pass. As you stare down an increased workload, remind yourself that this is temporary. This isn’t the new normal. The key to enduring any challenging situation is to remember it is not a permanent state. There will be an end.

  2. Map out a plan. If you can, get a head start on the work by making a plan. Make a checklist, even down to the little things. Having a checklist will give you some guidance to refer to when the stress begins to mount.

    Even if your initial plan needs to remain somewhat fluid, you can lean on it in moments when it feels like there are too many variables.

  3. Schedule a reward. Plan a reward for yourself at the end so you have that to look forward to. Let all your stress dissipate by going for an energizing hike, or dancing at a nightclub. Plan to relax with a spa day, go see a movie, or just take a day to sleep and read a good book.

  4. Know what you want to learn. Punctuated, intense periods of work can be opportunities for growth or learning. What skills could you build on? Will you be doing something new? Is there a chance to introduce something that will improve the process compared to last time?

    Set some goals to get excited about. Jot those down and see how your understanding and skills change before and after.

Knowing how to plan ahead and manage your well-being during a stressful time at work will help you as you encounter new challenges.

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