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Your Healthy Mind

The Dreaded Winter Blahs: How to Deal

Posted by the BEACON team on Jan 23, 2020 4:02:55 PM

Some people really love winter. They love the crisp air, fresh snow, skiing, and hot cocoa by a roaring fire.

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How Can BEACON Therapy Help Me?

Posted by the BEACON team on Jan 17, 2020 5:07:02 PM

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (or CBT) is all about building a resilience to cope with life’s challenges, and it can help improve your frame of mind – like when you’re feeling overwhelmed or[...]

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Being There: how to support someone with a mental health concern | BEACON Chats Webinar

Posted by the BEACON team on Jan 6, 2020 9:33:34 AM

Have you ever wondered about how to offer meaningful support to someone with a mental health concern?

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How to Spot and Squash Holiday Stress

Posted by Dr. Khush Amaria, PhD, CPsych on Dec 2, 2019 5:32:00 PM

The holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate with family and friends, but the season – often packed with chores and commitments – comes with its own set of stressors. The expectations we put on[...]

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Childhood OCD

Posted by CBT Associates on Oct 21, 2019 5:22:00 PM

“Step on a crack, and you break your mother’s back.” We’ve probably all heard this before, and maybe even avoided stepping on cracks when we first heard this as children for fear of being[...]

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Mental Health Questions You Always Wanted to Ask (Video)

Posted by the BEACON team on Oct 18, 2019 10:26:17 AM

There are many misconceptions out there when it comes to our mental health, and often it can be challenging separating fact from fiction. And with misunderstanding comes stigma, which is why[...]

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How To Get Back In Step When Your Relationship Stumbles

Posted by Dr. Katelyn Gomes, PhD, CPsych on Apr 17, 2019 5:17:00 PM

Arguing with your romantic partner can be like a dance.

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You’ve Decided On Therapy. How Do You Choose A Therapist?

Posted by Dr. Khush Amaria, PhD, CPsych on Apr 1, 2019 5:04:00 PM

If you’re struggling with an issue, you may be considering therapy. Therapists can help you develop a set of skills to manage your thoughts and feelings and move forward in your life. But, how do[...]

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What Is A Psychoeducational Assessment And How Can It Help My Child?

Posted by Dr. Katia Sinopoli, PhD, CPsych on Feb 21, 2019 5:14:00 PM

Have you noticed your child struggling with reading or writing? Or, has their teacher mentioned they’re falling behind? Know that you’re not alone. Many children, and even adults, have[...]

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