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Welcome to BEACON digital therapy.

Overwhelmed? Feeling down?
You can become resilient to life's demands.

Now you can learn a proven way to manage your thoughts and feelings, with your own BEACON therapist to guide you. 


It's therapy that works, completed wherever and whenever you are comfortable.

woman on train reading a book - I succeeded in riding the train in the morning, alone and without a panic attack

BEACON provides Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), a clinically-proven method that helps you manage your emotions.

You'll have a therapist dedicated to you, a registered mental health professional who will guide and tailor your therapy.

man on desktop computer - I didn't have to sacrifice taking time off of work

Fully digital, your therapy happens when and where you're comfortable.

Ready to get started?
Complete your personal assessment, so your BEACON therapist can tailor your care.

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