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MindBeacon Virtual Mental Health Therapy Clinic

All our therapy services take place in your own private account in our secure virtual mental health therapy clinic delivered by licensed professionals.

Guided CBT Programs Live Sessions
How it works Complete an online assessment and get matched with your therapist.

Your therapist guides you through a CBT Program of readings and exercises, to help you improve your resilience. All Guided Programs include Messaging. Your therapist will respond to you within two business days.
Meet with your therapist through video or phone sessions. Book your session online and choose a therapist best suited to you. We make getting help quick and easy. And, you can usually get an appointment the next day.
What it can help with Our wide range of programs include Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Trauma, Insomnia, Alcohol Use and more. Address day-to-day concerns or delve into deeper and longer-standing issues
Who is this is for?
  • More structured
  • Text-based communication
  • Tailored content (readings & exercises)
  • No appointments to keep
  • Can be structured or more free-flowing
  • Face-to-face communication
  • Scheduled appointments
Benefits Coverage

Covered by most Canadian benefits plans.
See how easy reimbursement is.

Price* $50 one-time time assessment
2 payments of $150, and a final payment of $175 for the Program. Includes unlimited messaging.

Social Workers: $130/hour session
Psychologists: $195/hour session
Suggested Duration Most people complete a Program within 6-8 weeks and many continue messaging with their therapist for up to 12 weeks. The number of sessions you have will be up to you and your therapist.

Your therapist will make a recommendation based on your initial assessment.

Learn more

Learn more

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*Guided Programs are billed bi-weekly at the start of the period. If you choose to cancel a Guided Program, your services automatically end after your current billing period. You will not be charged again unless you restart a service. 1st payment is initiated when you access the first 2 weeks of therapy. 2nd payment is initiated when you access week 3 or later modules. 3rd and final payment is initiated when you access week 5 or later modules; also includes 12 months access to your MindBeacon history resources.

Live Therapy sessions are billed after a session has been completed. Those who provide less than 24 hours notice or miss their appointment without notice will be charged the full value of the session.