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Bring better mental health to your patients

Hospitals, physicians and community organizations across Canada refer their patients to MindBeacon

Providing mental health support for your patients has always been important. But now it’s essential.

4x as many Canadians reported high levels of anxiety since the pandemic

"The mortality effect of loneliness is similar to the life-shortening that we see with smoking 15 cigarettes a day"

-Dr. Vivek Murthy

50% of people who accessed help, say it's no longer easily available.

Reduced Access

However, a lot is standing in your way

Patients are frustrated
Patients are frustrated
I don’t have time in my day to go to therapy appointments.
I don’t have a benefits plan, so therapy for me is too costly.
I live in a community with little access to therapy.
I need support now, but the waiting lists are way too long.
I don’t want people to know that I’m getting mental health support.
Clinicians are frustrated
Clinicians are frustrated
It’s extremely hard to navigate all the options that are available to my patients.
I don’t have an affordable option to send my patients that don’t have benefits coverage.
I don’t know which programs are best suited to my patients' needs.
I’m never provided any information back after I refer my patient to a program.
Only a fraction of my patients ever access the programs I suggest.

Until Now.

Introducing MindBeacon

The only digital therapy program built around you and your patient. With MindBeacon, you can help them achieve better mental health.

Why patients love it
  • Available 24/7, there's no need to book an appointment
  • Patients choose how, when and what type of therapy they access
  • Not an in-and-out approach. We provide constant support for patients.
  • Highly secure and confidential
  • Most comprehensive assessment and personalized therapy
  • Budget-friendly options, especially for those without benefits coverage.

Better mental health for your patients.
Better peace of mind for you.

Therapist Guided Programs
Therapist Guided Programs

Anytime, anywhere therapy that is available on any device, at their own pace.

Live Therapy Sessions
Book Live Therapy Sessions

Connect with their choice of therapist, at a time that works for them.

Stronger Minds  Community
Stronger Minds Community

Reliable and relatable mental health information available any time.

24/7 Crisis Support
24/7 Crisis Support Available

Connect with help anytime via chat messaging in partnership with Kids Help Phone to clients of all ages.

Online Patient Referral Portal

Easy referral portal and dashboard for reviewing patient progress with MindBeacon.

Program Success Manager
Program Success Manager

We ensure your program is successful by providing a dedicated resource as an extension of your team.

Patient Visibility
Patient Outcome Visibility

Assessment results, progress reports, risk alerts and discharge summary.


Program Success Manager
MindBeacon Insights Reports

Aggregated usage reports and performance reports (symptom reduction).

Comprehensive Communication Toolkit
Communication Toolkit 

Posters, brochures, training – everything you need to ensure patient success.

We want to talk to you!

We love that you share our passion. We’d love to better understand your unique needs and create a transformational program together.