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Small steps, BIG CHANGES

Kickstart the new year with a 10-day Mental Health Workout.

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Small steps big changes .

Mental health support that fits your life.

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Our mental health is made up of feelings, thoughts and behaviours - but have you made yourself a priority?

Putting yourself first means:

Checking in with yourself to notice what you're feeling.

Looking at the connection between triggers and emotions. 

Choosing your reaction to life's events instead of letting your emotions get the best of you. 

Making mental health part of your lifestyle means prioritizing yourself and making good mental health care part of your daily routine. 

In celebration of Bell Let's Talk Day, MindBeacon is launching a 10-day Mental Health Workout dedicated to helping you.

We all know that habits aren't built overnight but with consistency, repetition and small steps forward, taking care of your mental health can become a part of your everyday. Even one step forward signals progress towards positive change and this January, we're sharing your 10 steps towards sustainable results. 

So, what do you say?

Ready to get to know yourself better? Ready to start prioritizing yourself and your mental health? 

By joining the challenge, every day from Jan 17 - 26, you'll receive:


• A 5-minute mental health activity

• Mood boosters to put a smile on your face 

• Online pep rallies to help encourage you and build momentum 


Join today

All participants are invited to the

Final Group Workout on Bell Let's Talk Day hosted by Anne Lovely Etienne and

featuring our very own, Dr. Khush Amaria.


Wednesday, January 26th

12pm ET / 9am PT

Join us for this free 30-minute live online event to discuss how to continue strengthening your mental health all year long. 

Register today for the free 10-day Mental Health Workout.

By registering for the workout, you'll receive daily communications via e-mail. Specify below if you prefer to receive e-mails at 8 AM or 8 PM EST. We know you might be an early bird or night owl, so you get to decide when you'll make time for your daily workout. 

What questions do you have?

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