How BEACON Works

BEACON™ is thoughtfully designed to help you improve your mental health and resilience.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) through a digital experience.

CBT is a psychotherapy approach that helps change negative and anxious thoughts, as well as behaviours, so you can feel and function better. Numerous clinical trials over many years prove the effectiveness of CBT for treating the most common mental health concerns, including low mood and anxiety.

Start with a self-assessment.

Your BEACON journey starts with taking 15 to 30 minutes to answer some self-reflecting questions. After the online questionnaire and before starting BEACON treatment, you can choose the option of having a clinical psychologist review your responses with you and provide a clinical diagnosis.

Anytime, anywhere. At your own pace.

A fully digital experience means BEACON therapy works with your schedule and can be completed wherever you are comfortable.

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Real therapist guidance.

You will have the dedicated support of a credentialed therapist, who will guide you through BEACON and support your progress along the way via messaging.

A care plan that’s personalized.

The BEACON journey includes engaging reading materials, videos, interactive worksheets and questionnaires. Your dedicated eTherapist will work with you to tailor the materials to your needs and your progress.

Start learning life-enhancing skills right away. 

Typically people start to improve their ability to manage their mood, thoughts and feelings within a few weeks of starting BEACON therapy. You will have unlimited access to your BEACON therapist for 12 weeks and to your BEACON materials for a full year.

Private and secure.

Your interactions with BEACON are secured to the highest standards of data protection.

Your BEACON journey starts with a self-assessment.

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