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How BEACON Works

BEACON is thoughtfully designed to help you improve your mental health and resilience.

A proven approach to helping you feel better.

BEACON provides Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), a psychotherapy approach that helps you develop skills to change negative and anxious thinking, so you can feel and function better.

Numerous clinical studies over many years prove the effectiveness of CBT in helping people overcome a range of concerns related to mental well-being.

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You'll get your own personal BEACON therapist.

A BEACON therapist will be dedicated to you, and will tailor your care from start to finish. BEACON therapists are experienced, registered mental health professionals.

You can message your therapist at any time you want, and within 1-2 business days (usually less), your therapist will respond via messaging with answers to your questions.

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Your therapy is tailored to you.

At the start of your BEACON journey, you will complete a personal assessment online, which typically takes about 30 minutes to complete. Your responses will help the BEACON therapist tailor your care.

As you progress through therapy, your BEACON therapist will prompt you through your learning. The therapist will unlock readings and exercises that will get you thinking about aspects of your mental wellness that you haven’t considered before.

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Anytime, anywhere. At your own pace.

A fully digital experience means BEACON therapy works with your schedule and can be completed wherever you are comfortable. You can use your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Start learning life-enhancing skills right away.

Typically people start to improve their ability to manage their mood, thoughts and feelings within a few weeks of starting BEACON therapy. You will have unlimited access to your BEACON therapist for up to 12 weeks and to your BEACON materials for a full year.

Private and secure.

Your interactions with BEACON are secured to the highest standards of data protection.

Is BEACON right for you?

If overwhelming stress, negative or worrisome thinking are getting in the way of things that are important to you, you could benefit from BEACON. Completing the personal assessment will confirm if BEACON is suitable — BEACON is effective in addressing concerns related to mild to moderate depression, anxiety, panic and PTSD.

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