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On CBC Radio | BEACON is available, affordable, & effective mental health care

On CBC Radio show Here & Now hosted by Gill Deacon, our Executive Chair Sam Duboc shared how digital cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) through BEACON helps address the overwhelming challenge of access to mental health care.

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"BEACON is quite straightforward. We've taken the in-clinic therapy experience and we've made it digital, so it's available, affordable, and effective mental health care any where and any time you want to do it.


A number of studies show that therapist-assisted digital CBT is absolutely every bit as effective as therapy in the office, but it's easier to use, it's about 30% of the cost, so you save a huge amount of money.


We're finding that the therapist alliance, that connection you make, becomes every bit as strong with your eTherapist, the person you're texting with, as it does in person. And a lot of that is because you can text back and forth during the week, at night. It's asynchronous, we respond within 2 days or less, but it's not like you have to wait until Tuesday at 4:00 PM when you see your therapist for 50 minutes, you can actually do things on the go."