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MindBeacon therapy for Managing Stress: Find balance and rise to life’s demands

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The pace of change and uncertainty can be relentless, and you’re doing your best. What matters is knowing you can thrive through the pressures you face, with strength.

MindBeacon is therapy that empowers you with new skills to build your inner strength, and it’s personalized to you as a whole. You complete MindBeacon therapy entirely on your favourite device, at your own pace, from where you’re most comfortable. And you get a one-to-one relationship with a registered mental health professional that’s built on trust.

Now available - with therapy for Managing Stress, MindBeacon helps you confidently tackle all the stressors life throws at you. You’ll benefit from:

toolbox_iconDeveloping a personal collection of powerful skills, specific to the stressors you face day-to-day 


therapist_iconA trusted relationship with a therapist, who provides thoughtful guidance, insights, and dedication to helping you become resilient to the demands you’ll face

lightbulb_iconLearning to use different stress management techniques to help with different types of stressors, which includes conflict, relaxation, and keeping healthy habits, and more

MindBeacon has helped thousands of Canadians improve issues related to depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, insomnia, chronic pain management – and managing stress.

Check with your employer if you have access to MindBeacon at no cost. And most benefits plans in Canada cover MindBeacon as a reimbursable expense. 


From Ontario?
Guided digital therapy with
BEACON is now available free of charge during COVID-19, funded by the Government of Ontario.

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