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It’s Time to Think Bold: Post-COVID, we have an opportunity to reshape our lives. Here’s how to start.

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A global crisis has one powerful consequence: the opportunity for change. And, we’re talking big change. Living in a new reality has many of us re-assessing our priorities. Maybe this is the shake-up some of us have needed to reshape our lives. How do you do this? Read on.

Re-establish priorities.
COVID has forced many of us to slow down. Without a packed social agenda, rushed commute and after-work events, we have more time for other things. How did you use it? Take a moment to look at what you really want to focus on post-COVID. Here are some thought-starters:

  • Are there relationships you want to continue to focus on and strengthen post-COVID?
  • Are family meals something you missed more than you realized?
  • What have you done during your typical commute that you want to keep doing?
  • Have you had more time to devote to hobbies (or learn new ones) that you want to continue prioritizing?

Think beyond ourselves.
Ironically, a crisis that imposed social distancing has brought us together as a community. We bang pots for frontline workers, thank our grocery clerks and check in on each other more than usual. We are forced to think beyond ourselves as we do our part to protect and support our communities. “We are in this together” is a sentiment we can, and should, carry forward. Post-pandemic, consider how you want to continue supporting your community, whether it be through volunteer work, community groups or a simple daily check-ins with neighbours.

Focus on self-care.
The pandemic has forced us to come up with ways to manage our fears and anxiety, and adopt new routines to stay active and healthy. What worked and what didn’t? Use these insights post-COVID to continue to look after your mental and physical health. And, if you are struggling, reach out to professionals, like those at MindBeacon, for help.

Celebrate your ability to adapt.
Adapting to a massive change in our lives is no small feat – celebrate it! Use this as motivation to make other changes in your life that have been on your mind. Maybe it’s a career change, spending more time with your partner or family, or reinvesting in hobbies. You may never have thought you could make it through three months with such challenging restrictions, but you did. So, what do you want to tackle next?

There is nothing good about a global health crisis. But, it presents a unique opportunity for personal growth. As you think about life post-COVID, think about what matters, what doesn’t, and what you want your “new normal” to look like.

Maybe this is the shake-up some of us have needed to reshape our lives.

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