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Looking to change your relationship with alcohol?

We can help.

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Feeling more in control. Better mood. More energy.   

Changing your relationship with alcohol doesn't just mean cutting back. It can also mean changing what, when, why, and how you drink, in a way that benefits you. It can have positive effects on the way you feel – both mentally and physically.  

Research shows that cutting down or cutting out alcohol can lead to positive effects like:  


• Better Mood 

• Deeper sleep 

• More energy 

• Better concentration 

• Better long-term physical health

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Developed in consultation with experts at The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH),  MindBeacons Managing Alcohol Use Program uses the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and a harm reduction approach to manage alcohol consumption and develop strategies to cope with cravings. 

How the program works

Tell us about yourself

Fill out a detailed assessment so we can better understand you. It’s as in-depth as a traditional first session, so set aside at least 30 to 60 minutes to complete it. 

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Get matched with your therapist

You’ll be matched with a therapist who is best suited to support you. If our program is not a suitable treatment for your current needs, we’ll recommend alternate supports. 

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Your therapist develops a program just for you

As your therapist works with you, they’ll ask questions, suggest readings and exercises and personally guide you through each week of the program. 

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Weekly check-ins and progress

After each week you’ll reflect on what you’ve learned and how you’re feeling. Your therapist may also adjust your program by drawing from our full content library. 

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Completing the program

Once you’ve reached your goals your therapist will “graduate” you from your program. 

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Is a Guided CBT Program the right therapy for me?

  • Participate when and where it suits you
  • Improve your resiliency by learning new skills
  • Rigorous clinical trials prove CBT’s effectiveness

Do you want to take an active role in your therapy? Do you enjoy doing “homework” – things like readings and exercises that help you learn skills to improve your resilience and how you cope? If so, then CBT may be a great fit for you. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a time-limited, problem-focused, and goal-oriented form of therapy. It focuses on how the way we think about things affects our feelings and behaviours. CBT helps you learn how to change negative cycles of thoughts and behaviours so you can function better and improve the quality of your life. Rigorous clinical trials have proven CBT’s effectiveness over a number of decades.  

And our Guided CBT program is delivered 100% online – through your laptop, phone or tablet. So you can participate when and where you want. There are no appointments to keep – our Guided CBT Program works on your schedule! 

What people are saying about MindBeacon

Our clients rated our Live Session therapists 4.8/5

I wouldn’t be where I am today without this program. Traditional therapy approaches weren’t constant enough for me to work towards change. MindBeacon made me feel safe knowing I have my therapist and the tools right at my fingertips. 

I found the flexibility most appealing as I didn’t have to sacrifice taking time off from work for therapy. Messaging and going through the exercises with someone to guide me made it successful. 

My therapist has been so supportive, and I appreciate her time and thoughts.  I’m looking forward to learning more and feeling better about things.

I've really gained more confidence in my abilities to tackle different solutions. And my therapist has given me motivation and positive reinforcement along the way. It’s all having a positive impact on me.

Even if I suffered a setback my therapist helped identify different things I could do when I felt distressed. I also really appreciated how they gave me ideas for when I felt triggered by something.

Thank you for providing this lifeline to me – it’s helped in ways I didn't expect. That includes feeling like I’m functioning well in my everyday life despite my physical limitations.

I've learned so much and felt my therapist supported me the whole way. I’m very thankful to have been paired with her.

Due to confidentiality we don't share MindBeacon client identities

Benefits Coverage?

Benefits Coverage?

Covered by most Canadian benefit plans See how easy reimbursement is


$50 one-time assessment
2 payments of $150, and a final payment of $175 for the Program
Includes unlimited messaging
Suggested Frequency

Suggested Frequency

Most people complete the program within 6-8 weeks and many continue messaging with their therapist for up to 12 weeks.
Cancel at any time?*

Cancel at any time?*



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