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Press Release | BEACON expands digital mental health services nationwide in Canada

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BEACON becomes only mental health care provider to offer diagnosis and treatment through digital platform to all Canadians

TORONTO – BEACON has expanded its innovative digital services to provide easy to access and affordable mental health care across the country. As Canada’s only digital mental health care provider with demonstrated success in reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression and PTSD, BEACON is the first platform to offer personalized treatment, with the option for clinical diagnosis by a registered psychologist, to Canadians from coast to coast. All services are now available in both English and French.

 “BEACON has already demonstrated measurable results in the lives of a growing number of people,” says CEO Sam Duboc. “Today marks a turning point in mental health treatment as it becomes easily accessible and affordable to all Canadians.”

 BEACON provides every user with a one-on-one relationship with a registered mental health professional, their own BEACON therapist, through digital messaging. The BEACON therapist guides the user through a personalized course of treatment that uses the proven approach of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help reduce symptoms. The platform can be accessed by computer or mobile device, eliminating common barriers to care including stigma, long wait times and geography.

 “There’s a significant gap in mental health care between people needing treatment and access to effective services. Many communities have insufficient availability of qualified mental health professionals that can provide diagnosis and treatment services. The emergence of digital solutions that provide evidence-based care, like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, is a critical piece to overcoming this challenge and it’s exciting that Canadians can now access this help,” says Dr. David Gratzer, CAMH psychiatrist.

 To learn more about the platform, please visit www.mindbeacon.com.


BEACON provides easy to access and affordable therapy to help people feel and function better if they are experiencing mental health concerns, including symptoms related to depression, anxiety, panic and PTSD. Developed by CBT Associates, a leading Canadian mental health care provider, BEACON was first introduced in 2016 as an in-clinic innovation to enhance delivery and measurement of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). BEACON launched in 2017 as a fully digital experience providing treatment through digitally-delivered CBT with the one-on-one support of a dedicated therapist all along the way. To learn more, visit www.mindbeacon.com.

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Katie Skinner, Citizen Relations

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