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Press Release | BEACON launches affordable treatment for PTSD

TORONTO – BEACON provides effective, easy to access, and affordable mental health care and has expanded their innovative therapy offering to help treat posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Through BEACON, people experiencing PTSD interact with a dedicated therapist through web-based messaging and receive a personalized Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) experience designed to suit their unique needs.

A recent survey found that 43 per cent of those who have experienced PTSD have not sought treatment; a quarter of which cited they felt too uncomfortable to seek care. Another quarter reported the lack of resources available to them as a barrier to support. Other reasons for not seeking treatment include the high costs of care and not knowing how to seek help.

BEACON offers a confidential, affordable option for those experiencing PTSD, and includes an upfront and thorough online assessment to confirm symptoms and allow the BEACON therapist to personalize care.

“We tend to think of PTSD as something only experienced by military personnel and first responders. These groups are very important to care for, but PTSD is more widespread and will affect almost 10 per cent of Canadians in their lifetimes,” says CEO Sam Duboc. “Expanding BEACON to include PTSD treatment is part of our vision of providing an effective mental health care option that overcomes barriers to treatment such as stigma, affordability or wait times to access support.”

To develop an effective treatment program, BEACON partnered with Candice M. Monson, PhD, a Professor of Psychology at Ryerson University. Dr. Monson is one of the foremost experts on traumatic stress and develops front-line therapies for PTSD that are recommended in treatment guidelines worldwide.

"Left untreated PTSD is one of the most disabling mental health conditions. Yet, it is also one of the most treatable," says Dr. Monson. "Treatment can only be effective if the people who need it can get to it. I chose to partner with BEACON to develop the treatment protocol for PTSD to reach the many people who are suffering."

The BEACON PTSD treatment launched earlier this month and is now available across Canada. For more information, please visit www.mindbeacon.com.

BEACON provides easy to access and affordable therapy to help people feel and function better if they are experiencing mental health concerns, including symptoms related to depression, anxiety and panic. Developed by CBT Associates, a leading Canadian provider of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), BEACON provides treatment through digitally delivered CBT with the one-on-one support of a dedicated therapist all along the way. BEACON is currently available across Canada in English and starting July 2018 will also be available in French. To learn more, visit www.mindbeacon.com.

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