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Press Release | Manulife leading five pilot programs for new treatments

Press release by Manulife Financial Corporation | Providing Innovative Treatment in Mental Health and Musculoskeletal Disorders to Improve Quality of Life

WATERLOO, ON, Nov. 30, 2017 /CNW/ - Manulife today announced five pilot programs designed to find new and innovative ways to deliver treatment to its plan members in group benefits. These programs aim to deliver quicker access to treatment in the areas of mental health and musculoskeletal disorders.

By exploring innovative treatments in these areas, Manulife hopes to improve quality of life and shorten recovery times for plan members. This in turn may help plan sponsors benefit from having employees back at work sooner, potentially reducing their costs associated with disability, and delivering added value for employers.

The pilots are being carried out in collaboration with leading providers in their respective fields, including CBT Associates and UHN Altum Health in partnership with Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).  Each pilot offers a different combination of rapid and more personalized treatment, allowing plan members to benefit from a wider array of treatment options than are currently available, based on their varied needs.

The five pilot programs are:

Mental Health Conditions: 


Direct access to virtual cognitive behavioural therapy to help make it easier for plan members to cope with their mental health struggles 


In-person and digitally‑delivered therapy to help plan members dealing with mental health issues


Earlier, specialized and collaborative care to help plan members suffering from major depression


Pharmacogenetic testing to help speed up plan member treatment


Musculoskeletal Disorders: 


Earlier, intensive treatment to help plan members with recovery


Manulife is working with some of Canada's top healthcare providers to make best-in-class technology and treatment options accessible to our plan members, so they can return to health faster, and bring their best to work each day," said Cori Lawson-Roberts, Assistant Vice-President, National Disability Services at Manulife.

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