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The Cord | Laurier talks about BEACON, a new and free online mental health service for students

Originally published at The Cord, on May 5, 2018 by Aaron Hagey

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On May 4, Wilfrid Laurier University hosted a panel discussion for BEACON, a recently-launched, online cognitive behavioural therapy treatment tool designed to aid students in effectively dealing with various mental health issues.

“Mental health services largely have to be paid for out of pocket, and of course a treatment — for depression for example — can cost $3-4000, whereas BEACON can do it for free for Laurier students,” Andersen said.

“[A full year of our online] treatment is about $500, or $800 if you want a psychological diagnosis as well. So that’s about one-quarter the cost.”

The BEACON project has launched for Laurier already, with hopes of expanding to other colleges and universities during the summer — like Mohawk and Seneca — with the intent to go nationwide within the month.

Students can request access to BEACON’s services through the Student Wellness Centre.

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