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Video: Navigating stress & anxiety in the second wave of the pandemic

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If you missed the Stronger Minds Community Circle Event last week - Small Business: Navigating Stress & Anxiety amidst the second wave of the Pandemic - check out the video below! Sponsored by the Lakeshore Village BIA, it featured our own Dr. Khush Amaria as well as guests Alison Tunley (MiBody Health and Fitness) and Monika Meulman (The Healing Muse Store).

COVID-19 impacts us all. But as a small business owner, you face the added stress of trying to keep your business profitable in an extremely challenging economic environment.  

The list of responsibilities you face may feel overwhelming: paying employees, keeping up with rent, protecting employee safety, the stress of layoffs, long hours and, of course, a worry about the future of your business.

However, the impact of the pandemic is not just economic – it also impacts your mental health. Business owners across the country are reporting high levels of stress. It can be easy to neglect your mental health when you are hyper-focused on your business, but it is critical to keep it a priority.

Join us for this online forum to discuss how the pandemic is affecting the mental health of the small business community. Our goal is that everyone will leave the session feeling a bit stronger together, and with some useful tips, resources, and inspiration.



We'll have more great webinars coming up soon, so be sure to check back!


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