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Press Release | MindBeacon Launches Enhanced Therapy Offering to Help Canadians Manage New or Increased Social Anxiety Caused from Isolation During the Pandemic

April 13PressRelease

TORONTO, ON – March 17, 2021 - MindBeacon (TSX: MBCN), leading provider of digital mental and behavioural health therapy, announced the launch of an enhanced capability within its MindBeacon digital service designed to help Canadians successfully manage social anxiety as a result of isolation and limited social interaction in preparation for the gradual re-opening of society.

Since COVID-19 lockdowns first took hold in March 2020, the majority (56 percent) of Canadians have experienced increased stress or anxiety as a result of the pandemic, with 63 percent of younger Canadians reporting heightened stress or anxiety (Ipsos, 2021). Fueled by over a year of pandemic lockdown, isolation and limited social interaction coupled with fears of the return to normalcy, Canadians are coming face-to-face with the realities of social anxiety as it’s redefined for a post-pandemic world. To support increased demand and to equip Canadians with the tools to manage anxiety, MindBeacon has invested in the enhancement of its 12-week Social Anxiety Therapist Guided Program, incorporating new content produced by psychologists specializing in social anxiety.

“The pandemic has undoubtedly challenged the mental and physical health of Canadians. While we’ve learned to adapt to this global health crisis and embraced social and physical distancing, vaccination roll-outs and discussions of a post-pandemic future has sparking concern and given rise to new social fears,” says Dr Khush Amaria, CPsych, and expert in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and a Clinical Director of MindBeacon. “The return to normal life following long periods in isolation will be overwhelming to many Canadians. Our new MindBeacon therapy is uniquely designed to address this, offering one-to-one guidance from a registered therapist to learn strategies to break the cycles that perpetuate anxiety and learn valuable skills to cope and balance the return to day-to-day social interaction.”

The revamped Social Anxiety therapy program is a critical component of the MindBeacon service, which is aimed at improving mental health concerns through cognitive behavioural therapy, one of the best supported non-pharmacological treatments for social anxiety. The therapy is designed to serve a range of individuals who identify social anxiety as an issue - from those experiencing excessive shyness or self-consciousness to those meeting criteria for social anxiety disorder. The program is available to all Canadians seeking mental health support through MindBeacon, whether through employer or health services providers, or as a reimbursable benefit through most major Canadian group health benefit plans. MindBeacon guided digital therapy is also available to Ontario residents free of charge during the COVID-19 pandemic, funded by the Government of Ontario.


About MindBeacon
MindBeacon is developing a continuum of mental healthcare that includes self-guided psychoeducational and wellness content, Therapist Guided Programs and Live Therapy Sessions all offered virtually through their secure platform. As one of the first commercially available, digitally-native platforms to offer therapist-assisted internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Canada, MindBeacon’s professional service is designed around end users – their health, their way. Working with employers, insurance carriers and government ministries, MindBeacon’s services are accessible, affordable and, most importantly, proven to be effective. MindBeacon is changing the therapy landscape by making professional care available to every Canadian, no matter when, where and how they choose to access it.

SOURCE MindBeacon Holdings Inc.

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