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New Customer Announcement: Groupe Cloutier

Groupe Cloutier EN

We are happy to announce that Groupe Cloutier is now a MindBeacon partner! Groupe Cloutier provides insurance, investment and brokerage services to individuals.

According to Karine Cloutier, VP of Marketing and Corporate Development, there are a few reasons why they chose MindBeacon as their mental health provider. Firstly, their employees can benefit from personalized care with a dedicated therapist for the entire therapy process. As they are looking to increase accessibility and inclusivity in the workplace, it is a major benefit that the platform reduces barriers to access and allows for rapid intervention. She mentions that they wanted to offer their employees a more flexible mental health solution that would be easier to fit into their busy schedules.

Karine states:

“Because our employees have no out-of-pocket costs or appointment limitations, they progress all the way to the end of the healing stages."

MindBeacon provides a continuum of mental healthcare that includes self-guided psychoeducational and wellness content, Peer-to-Peer Support, Therapist Guided Programs and Live Therapy Sessions all offered virtually through their secure and private platform. If you are looking to offer mental health support to your employees, we are here to help.

Reach out to us today for more information on therapy programs available through our Workplace Mental Health Program.