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Press Release | Health Tech Innovator MindBeacon Works With Province of Ontario To Help People Overcome Mental Health Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis


Toronto, May 5, 2020 – Effective immediately, leading digital mental and behavioural health therapy provider BEACON®, is working with the Ontario government to support mental health needs during COVID-19.  BEACON will be available free of charge to Ontarians for online therapy, as part of a broader offering of services that can be selected based on needs and preferences.

“We are doing our part to expand access to our digital services in response to this growing demand. We are proud to be an Ontario company helping Ontarians,” says Sam Duboc, Chair and CEO of MindBeacon Group. “In the best of times, our BEACON digital mental health service helps overcome the barriers of stigma, affordability and accessibility.  The COVID-19 pandemic has further demonstrated how vital a role this service can play in supporting our health system, our economy and our people.”

It is week eight since Ontarians began physical distancing measures in the fight against COVID-19 and, in this time so far, the “new normal” is not only different from individual to individual, family to family, it’s constantly changing. As Ontario embarks on careful stages of reopening the economy, change continues to be a constant for the foreseeable future. Experience following other global crises demonstrate that the mental health impact can extend far beyond the duration of the immediate crisis itself.

That is why the Ontario government today announced expansion of free mental health supports to include MindBeacon’s online therapy service province wide. MindBeacon is a Toronto-based company that developed BEACON as a digital therapy platform that guides individuals through a personalized course of cognitive behavioural therapy.  People complete therapy online with a registered health professional providing 1-to-1 guidance through digital messaging, to help them build coping and resiliency skills over the course of weeks.

“Even though this virus has taken a heavy toll on our everyday lives, we are doing everything we can to keep people healthy, physically and mentally,” said Premier Doug Ford. “By expanding access to free virtual and online mental health supports, I want those who are struggling to know that we are here to support and help you cope with the stress, isolation and anxiety during these extraordinary times.”


  • Launched in 2017, BEACON is the first Internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (iCBT) service offered across Canada.
  • Since the start of physical distancing measures in response to COVID-19 across Canada, BEACON has seen a 15-fold increase in traffic to its services.
  • To-date, the service has already helped thousands struggling with depression, anxiety, insomnia and post-traumatic stress.
  • It is the only coast-to-coast iCBT service that has reported successful results for these conditions.
  • Consistent in effectiveness with face-to-face structured psychotherapy and anti-depressant medication, BEACON has demonstrated that 4 in 5 users experience improvement in symptoms.
  • The service is available as a reimbursable benefit through nearly all Canadian group benefits plans, offered at no cost by prominent Canadian employers, and through public sector programs for post-secondary campuses, hospitals, frontline health care workers and first responder groups.

To access BEACON free of charge during COVID-19, funded by the Government of Ontario, visit the “Ontario Residents” webpage: https://info.mindbeacon.com/btn542


About MindBeacon Group

The MindBeacon Group of companies is dedicated to helping Canadians improve their mental well-being to live their best lives. MindBeacon provides evidence-based therapy that is affordable and easy-to-access through BEACON®, the guided digital therapy service (iCBT) which has helped thousands of Canadians struggling with depression, anxiety, insomnia and posttraumatic stress. MindBeacon provides in-person and video therapy through CBT Associates, a leading psychology clinic network. mindbeacon.com


For further information:

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