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Press Release | MindBeacon Launching Health Anxiety Program in Support of COVID-19 Concerns

Toronto, March 18, 2020 – MindBeacon Group, the leading digital mental health provider in Canada, announces the launch of its Mental Wellbeing for COVID-19 resource. This resource is located online at www.mindbeacon.com/pandemic-response and provides free advice on how to cope with today’s reality, connects with government and other trusted resources, and provides access to MindBeacon’s nationally recognized and proven virtual mental health therapy called BEACON. As part of this, we are also announcing the launch of our Health Anxiety Treatment Program. The Program will be offered as part of a broader strategy to support Canadians’ stress and anxiety associated with the concerns around health issues including COVID-19.

“Everybody worries. It’s a natural part of being human. In times of high stress and extreme uncertainty we all worry a lot more. As human beings, we’re naturally concerned about our health and the health of our loved ones,” says Dr. Peter Farvolden, Chief Science Officer at MindBeacon. “We all worry or get anxious when we think there may be something wrong with our body or we might have some kind of illness or disease. This is called health anxiety – the worry and anxiety someone experiences in relation to their physical health or well-being.”

The uncertainty and fear associated with current events can be difficult to overcome. For those already struggling with anxiety and depression, it can be overwhelming. Fear of illness, fear of financial instability, and other concerns are normal reactions. But these fears are not always easy to manage. The Health Anxiety Treatment Program has been designed to provide structured therapy for the thousands of Canadians that need help managing through this period of uncertainty.

“Having some anxiety about your health is a good thing. It is adaptive and allows you to plan for the future and manage health risks,” Dr. Farvolden adds. “However, being overly anxious can lead to stress and worry that can impact everything from personal relationships to workplace performance. Normalizing stress and maintaining resiliency is an important part of the Health Anxiety Treatment Program.”

The Health Anxiety Treatment Program will be released the week of March 23rd as part of the existing BEACON service that supports depression, anxiety, insomnia, trauma and other behavioural health issues. The program will be available to all Beacon clients and as part of reimbursable benefits through employer health benefit plans.

Click here to learn more about the new health anxiety therapy service and additional resources to support mental health through stresses related to COVID-19.

About MindBeacon

MindBeacon is committed to revolutionizing the availability, access and delivery of evidence-based mental and behavioural health services. With the goal of empowering people to live to their fullest potential, MindBeacon brings leading innovation and current clinical best practice together. Their clinical practice began with CBT Associates, a network of Greater Toronto Area-based clinics that provides in-person and virtual care to individuals across Ontario. In 2017, the BEACON™ digital platform was introduced as the first commercially-available clinician-guided iCBT service available across Canada. mindbeacon.com

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