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Press Release | This World Psoriasis Day, Let’s Learn About Generalized Pustular Psoriasis


Burlington, ON via Boehringer Ingelheim (October 29, 2021) – Today is World Psoriasis Day, an annual day dedicated to people living with psoriasis. It is a day to learn about psoriasis-related issues and shine a spotlight on the needs of those impacted across the country.

Imagine living with a lifelong disease that is unpredictable and at any moment can flare up, needing emergency treatment. This is the reality for people living with Generalized Pustular Psoriasis (GPP).

GPP is a rare dermatological condition, characterized by the sudden appearance of multiple small blisters filled with pus on large areas of the body referred to as “flares”.1 It can be triggered by sunlight, upper respiratory infections, certain medications, the sudden withdrawal of steroids, stress, infections and pregnancy.2,3  With GPP, previous flares do not indicate the severity or duration of the next GPP flare.4 This unpredictability makes it difficult to determine the course of the disease.4 Flares can cause symptoms such as fever, chills, malaise, nausea and pain, or even life-threatening complications that may require emergency medical treatment.1

Boehringer Ingelheim Canada is committed to improving the lives of people living with GPP, which is why we are working with MindBeacon to help them look after their mental health and wellbeing with professional support.

“We know that GPP flares can wind up affecting many different aspects of a person’s lifestyle and have a big impact on quality of life,” said Dr. Gabriel Kim, Vice President, Medical and Regulatory Affairs, Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd. “There is very little information published on the experience of those living with GPP. However, through listening to those affected, we know that there is a significant need for mental health resources to take care of the emotional-wellbeing impact of GPP.”

MindBeacon recently launched a new Coping with Chronic Conditions Program. The goal of this program is to help individuals cope with the social, emotional and psychological impacts associated with chronic conditions such as GPP, to help them develop the skills they need to thrive.5

“Using cognitive and behavioural techniques, our Coping with Chronic Conditions Program guides patients through topics such as self-management of chronic conditions, coping with common symptoms, and dealing with stress or negative emotions,” said Dr. Lori Ann Blessing, PhD, C.Psych, Chief Clinical Officer at MindBeacon. “Clients work one-on-one with a dedicated therapist who can tailor the material to their needs and provide support for up to 12 weeks.”

MindBeacon is accessed digitally on any device so that those with GPP can get the support they need from the comfort and privacy of their homes.

While mental health support is important to the treatment of those living with GPP, there are still many healthcare gaps for these patients as they learn to manage GPP in their every day lives.


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MindBeacon provides a continuum of mental healthcare that includes self-guided psychoeducational and wellness content, Peer-to-Peer Support, Direct Messaging, Guided CBT Programs and Live Therapy Sessions, all offered virtually through their secure and private platform as one of the first commercially available, digitally-native platforms to offer therapist-assisted internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (TA-iCBT) in Canada, MindBeacon’s professional service is designed around the client – their health, their way. MindBeacon’s services are accessible, available, affordable, and, most importantly, proven to be effective. MindBeacon is changing the therapy landscape by making professional care available to every Canadian, no matter when, where and how they choose to access it.

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