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ICYMI - Ask a Therapist Webinar: Social Anxiety

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As part of our new Ask a Therapist series, we'll be hosting a monthly webinar on a given theme where you can ask our experts about whatever's on your mind around our topic. 

In April, our “Ask a Therapist” webinar was about social anxiety.          

Hosted by Kevin Frankish TV personality and Mental Health Advocate With Advice from Dr. Leorra Newman and Kursten Riswold, MSW., RSW Clinical Psychologist and MindBeacon Clinical Content Lead  Clinical Intake Lead-4As we continue to stay socially isolated, many of us might be feeling anxious about the idea of gathering again with others. In April, our experts discussed a stepped approach to overcoming social anxiety and how to get back to life with a new normal.

Watch the recording of our live virtual event as our MindBeacon mental health professionals answered questions on:

-How to know if you’re experiencing social anxiety
-Understanding the difference between being an introvert and experiencing social anxiety 
-How to manage social anxiety and tips to overcome it


 If you have any questions you'd like answered by our therapists, share them at community@mindbeacon.com. 

"In April, our “Ask a Therapist” webinar will be about social anxiety."

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