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The Logic | Tech companies see digital therapy as a way to reduce Canada's $50-billion annual cost on mental health

Originally published in The Logic, on July 25 2018 by Sean Craig

The Logic - in-depth reporting on the innovation economy

New to the fray is Beacon, a digitally-focused technology subsidiary of CBT Associates that launched last fall. The Toronto-based company provides cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) through its own digital platform from assessment through to treatment, and places patients with a dedicated therapist.

“We start from a rigorous assessment that puts people into the appropriate care,” said Colin Andersen, Beacon’s Executive Vice President.

On July 3, the company announced it had expanded its services nationally, and is now offering therapy in both English and French.

“A typical course of treatment for depression would be 16 to 20 treatments, which would be roughly $3,000 to $4,000,” said Andersen. “We’re able to bring that down to $800 for assessment and treatment, or $500 for someone who just goes direct in to treatment.”

Andersen is careful to point out that Beacon is a platform, not an app; whereas an app might be programmed so a user can complete certain tasks, the platform connects users to a dedicated, human therapist who guides them through proven CBT practices catered to them.

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