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BEACON Results: Our Commitment to Outcomes

The Only Coast-to-Coast iCBT Provider With a Successful and Transparent Track Record of Results

In 2020, BEACON provided therapist-guided digital therapy to thousands across Canada to help improve their mental health, primarily through employer, benefits, and public sector-funded programs. Notably this year, COVID-19 has caused heightened mental health concerns across the broad population as we face challenges and uncertainties. These results and key learnings are as of July 31, 2020. 

Anxiety has overtaken Depression as the primary concern for BEACON users starting therapy 

According to Dr. Peter Farvolden, Chief Science Officer, the rise of anxiety is expected with a population that is under conditions of massive change and uncertainty in the face of COVID-19. Along with the stressors and trauma that it has brought upon, comes the normal stress response: anxiety.

2020_OutcomeArticleGraphics_r-02In October 2020, BEACON will launch therapy for stress and chronic pain management

While anxiety is on the rise, the prolonged nature of stress and uncertainty is expected to cause an increase in other stress-related disorders such as depression and post-traumatic stress. 

BEACON is effective in improving symptoms for prevalent mental health concerns and achieves equivalent treatment outcomes to face-to-face therapy or medication

With thousands of Canadians having completed BEACON therapy, we now have a robust pool of results that show symptom improvement across multiple mental health concerns. 

Symptom severity levels declined markedly with therapy through BEACON 

As more BEACON users started therapy with anxiety as their primary concern this year, we also found that many of those users start with severe symptomsRecently released Q3 2020 reports from BEACON confirm this therapy is effective in treating severe depressionsevere anxiety and post-traumatic stress (PTSD).


"Face-to-face therapy isn't an option for everyone, and given the situation we are living in today, being able to do therapy from home has been really helpful.” 
- Recent BEACON User

BEACON has made it easy to address an unmet need amongst people seeking mental health support   

Half of people who started BEACON therapy never had mental health treatment before, which many can't access due to barriers such affordability, navigation stress, limited availability of professionals, and stigma. However, many users came to BEACON having had mental health treatment before, indicating an unmet need.   



Users value the 1-to-1 trusted relationship with the BEACON therapist and the personalization of their therapy 

BEACON users indicate high satisfaction levels with their experience. 


"I never thought I'd feel this much better and have such a different perspective after only 8 weeks. I feel so much relief now. 
- Recent BEACON User

It's time to embrace healthier minds.
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