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the BEACON team

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The 'No-Playbook' Playbook on Pandemic Mental Health Support

Posted by the BEACON team on 28-Oct-2020 9:23:42 AM

How leaders can support their employees through uncertain times

What do you do when the mental health strategies you’ve brought to life in your organization no longer apply? That’s the question[...]

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Disability management pilot by Sun Life with BEACON digital therapy delivers positive results

Posted by the BEACON team on 28-Oct-2020 9:23:20 AM

Valuable insights led Sun Life to include digital CBT as a reimbursable expense under EHC plans, as well as guide how to effectively incorporate this treatment into disability claims management[...]

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Severe Depression: New Analysis Determines BEACON Therapists Can Successfully Treat This Condition Through Digital Interaction

Posted by the BEACON team on 28-Oct-2020 9:22:58 AM

Depression is one of the prevalent mental health concerns affecting the quality of life (and productivity) of one in five people around the world every year. Traditionally, treatments that are[...]

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New Analysis of BEACON Effectiveness for Severe Anxiety is Particularly Important in the Wake of COVID-19

Posted by the BEACON team on 28-Oct-2020 9:22:44 AM

As one of the most common forms of anxiety, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) can have negative, lasting impact on peoples’ sense of well-being and ability to lead fulfilling lives. This form of[...]

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BEACON launches therapy to help employees with effective self-management of chronic pain

Posted by the BEACON team on 28-Oct-2020 9:22:27 AM

It can be easy to take a pain-free existence for granted. When pain is out of sight, it’s thankfully out of mind.

But for employees struggling with chronic pain from an injury or illness, that[...]

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New Managing Stress therapy through BEACON helps employees thrive through heightened pressures

Posted by the BEACON team on 28-Oct-2020 9:22:07 AM

Stress is a necessary part of life. It motivates people to act and adjust to new demands and circumstances. But a tipping point occurs when positive stress turns to “distress.” And prolonged[...]

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How BEACON can improve Return to Work (RTW) outcomes

Posted by the BEACON team on 28-Oct-2020 9:21:43 AM

BEACON provides a work-focused CBT mental health intervention unique in its approach within disability management contexts. Mental health disorders are a leading cause of disability in Canada, and[...]

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BEACON digital therapy now provides mental health support customized to needs of First Responders and Frontline Workers

Posted by the BEACON team on 28-Oct-2020 9:21:11 AM

As COVID-19 constrains most of us to sheltering in place, there have been many dedicated people who continue returning to the front lines, day after day. The challenges that our frontline workers[...]

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BEACON therapy for PTSD: new study confirms it is as effective as current first-line treatments

Posted by the BEACON team on 28-Oct-2020 9:20:51 AM

Often, we think of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a condition mainly faced by members of the military or first responders. However, while people in those professions are at a higher risk,[...]

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BEACON Results: Our Commitment to Outcomes

Posted by the BEACON team on 28-Oct-2020 9:20:26 AM

The Only Coast-to-Coast iCBT Provider With a Successful and Transparent Track Record of Results

In 2020, BEACON provided therapist-guided digital therapy to thousands across Canada to help improve[...]

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